5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

rear end accidentPersonal injuries arising from auto accidents, motorcycle accidents or any other form of accident often leave you feeling overwhelmed with no idea of what to do. This is the worst place to be because you are physically and emotionally vulnerable. Having been a victim before, I understand how easy it is to lose out on compensation. Your insurer may want you to let the matter rest by making an offer to you. This is especially true in cases where your are likely to be awarded benefits amounting to millions of dollars.

In most cases, injuries arising from accidents are too costly. As such, giving in to offers from insurers can mess you up. Several factors are taken into consideration when determining the amount that should be awarded as personal injury settlement. This includes the extent of the injuries and the short term and long term effects they have on your life such as:

  • Huge medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Psychological trauma

Working with a personal injury lawyer is a great step towards getting compensation for personal injury is beneficial in many ways. If you have been injured as a result of the actions of another person here are 5 reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you:

  • They will increase the value of your case – As mentioned above, insurance adjusters will make offers so that you do not go to court. This is partly because you do not understand the value of your case. Personal injury lawyers will help you recover more than enough in claims after offsetting the attorney fee.
  • They understand insurance law – This is important in ensuring that you receive the highest possible amount in claims. When an auto accident lawyer does not understand the law then adjusters can simply understate the law so that you receive less where you can receive more. Attorneys that know the insurance law will definitely earn you more compensation because insurance adjusters will not misrepresent the law in their favor.
  • They know personal injury law – While this is rather obvious, it is easy to assume that you know as much as the lawyers and can work out your own case. You may also think that just because you are injured you deserve full compensation. Lawyers know the law too well to understand the claims that you are entitled.
  • They will pursue your compensation in court if needed – Personal injury attorney know that they can get the insurance company to pay more than they are willing to offer through the court. For this reason, they are keen to battle out your claims award through the court as opposed to out of court settlement.
  • They know approximate values of injuries – Experienced personal injury lawyers often have an idea of the worth of every case. They will stop at nothing to get the compensation claims paid. Most importantly, they will bring their experience to your case to ensure the claims awarded.

If you want to file a claim for personal injury, do it through an accident lawyer in Edmonton that is dedicated to this line of practice and is experienced. Call a personal injury attorney today and let them explain your rights, answer your questions and begin the pursuit of justice.