Four Tiny House Books

Four Helpful Books On Houses That Are Tiny

CottageFor the past twenty years or more, the building of little houses has been gaining ground. During the past six years or so, there is little that has been more ground-breaking in the house building industry than people changing their lives by turning their backs on living large and in never-ending financial debt.

If you have been considering a building a house or want to know how comfortable you can be in a small place – here are four tiny house books for this type of housing you should get your hands on.

1. Jay Shafer’s Book – The Small House Book

Jay Shafer’s book on small homes is arguably one of the best books on tiny dwellings on the market today. Jay is the founder of Four Lights company; a company that makes houses that are tiny and helps others to do the same with their workshops.

This book has everything that a beginner needs to know before and during building a small home. There is a strong argument for the movement that explains why big places are wasteful and unnecessary. He also talks about the legalities as well as the designing that goes into building a small home. This book contains some legal and architectural terms so be prepared to take the time to learn about this aspect of home building – these terms may prove to be very useful later.

Although this is a book is full of great information, it may be more suited to a beginner rather than an experienced DIYer.

2. The Backyard Shed and Tiny House book

This book is more of a catalog of the Tumbleweed houses. It is a good book if that is what you are looking for however if you would like more specific how-to information, you may want to look at some of the other books.

Having said that, it is the perfect book to guide you through some simple plans and a basic introduction to small home designs. It’s a good starter book but you’ll need to check out some of the other books for more detailed info.

3. Small Houses

This is a great coffee table book full of pictures and images of places that will provide you with lots of inspirations when building your own home. However, the book does not exclusively contain pictures of little spaces – some of the places are 2000 square feet or larger so the title is a little misleading.  But inspiration is always a good thing.

4. Tiny House Floor Plans: Over 200 Interior Designs for Tiny Houses

This book is full of building features and layouts for little places. There is a great variety of floor plans – which will definitely change your mind if you think that all house plans that are tiny are very much the same. It has designs from the very basic to quite sophisticated. It a go-to book when designing your very own little place.

These types of small homes have been actively built by environmentally and financially conscious home owner for many years. They fell out of favor for a while during times when it became the status quo to live in a large home, but as more and more people experience financial woes, they are becoming the way of life once again.

Some of the tiny house books are a good place to start learning about living in and building small. Others are more specific to the actual planning and building process.