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I tried searching but I guess I am just getting confused. Everything is coming up Digital 101 and things of that nature. . If anyone knows of any good FILM photography courses I can take in Atlanta please let me know. What I found out was – Try your local community college, or parks and rec department. They both offer various photo courses out here. IF those dont work, go to the source. Contact a few pro photogs, tell them your interested in film (the old guys will love to hear that, hehe, (joking, everyone, hehe) ) and ask their opinion in local schools.

Tasha AtkinsEducationPhotography Classes Atlanta Special Tricks2013-12-07T17:35:01. 000Z2014-04-06T22:02:03. 000ZPhotography Classes NYCPhotography Classes NYC; Watch Full Video on this link: to boost your photography career from the Basics to Professional. . . .

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