5 signs you probably have psychic medium abilities

You must have heard of things like ‘telepathy’ and ‘intuition.’ Well most of us have these qualities to some extent. You may event experience déjà vu and ignore what you saw. But some people feel these very strongly and frequently. These people are said to have psychic ability. Psychic ability can be thought of a type of intelligence that we all have; some have in very little amount, whereas, others have plenty. Psychic abilities can be of various forms. Some can help you know about events that are occurring in your life and help you take the right step, whereas others can communicate with the spirits in the other world. Medium readings Calgary can help you to communicate with your deceased loved ones.

If you are a Calgary medium, you will be able to connect with your friends, families, and even strangers with the spirits of their loved ones and angels from the other world. People who are medium are usually more empathetic and compassionate than normal people. Here are five signs that tell you whether you are a medium or not.

  1. Greater levels of intuition
    If you have good intuition then you know you might be a medium. For example, when the phone rings you can tell who might be calling; or you might have predicted an event before it occurred. These indicate that you have a psychic gift.
  2. Experience frequent deja vu
    If you feel that you have been to a certain place, but you haven’t, or you find familiarity with things or people, then you are experiencing deja vu. Having déjà vu is closely related to psychic abilities as it’s a strong sign that you are a medium.
  3. Hearing voices
    If you hear voices, but you tell yourself that it’s actually in your imagination, then it’s a sign that you might be a medium. You may hear these voices constantly, and they may seem real. But it seems that only you hear these voices and the others beside you don’t.
  4. Feeling different when visiting old buildings
    If you have ever got a creepy and weird feeling when visiting old buildings or cemeteries, then you know that you might be a medium.
  5. Seeing things
    If you see things like shadows, white smoke, figures, etc. from the corner of your eyes, then you might have a special psychic ability.

There is nothing to feel scared about if you find out that you have these signs. It indicates that you have a special gift. So, you should treasure it and work towards it to develop the skills. Practice your skills on your friends and family and be good at it. There are never too many mediums in Calgary that can help!