The four advantages of torch on roofing

Also known as torch-down roofing, this type of roofing is one of the most used, mainly on flat roofs. If it is installed correctly, it can last for 15-20 years, so it is the time we talked about the advantages of the torch on roofing in Calgary.

What is a torch on roofing?

flat roofing-1This is also called rubberized asphalt. The constructors use a torch to melt the asphalt material directly onto the roof, thus creating a very efficient waterproof barrier. This type of roofing system is used on flat roofs where rain water and snow can collect and sit for long periods. The material used for the torch on roofing is a combination of modified bitumen layers, coated with waterproof resins. The multi-layer creates an impermeable surface that is also resistant to the UV (ultraviolet) rays that come from the sun.

How is it installed?

If the old roof is in good condition, then the new one can be put right on top of it. If not, all the components of the old roof (material, nails, and sheeting) are removed first. Then the roof will receive a cover by a fiberglass felt layer that is nailed to the roof. This is the base coating of the roof. After that, the bitumen layer is rolled onto the fiberglass layer. To have a good seal on metal flashings, a material is applied to the metal elements before covering it with the roofing layer. A few months later, after the roof has settled into place, you can add another coating. This will make the torch on roof more resistant to tears and punctures, and enhance its waterproof properties.

What are the four benefits of torch on roofing

Long life – You can expect that your new roof to last 15-20 years. For a roof, this is a real long life. Because it has a high durability and because it is puncture and tear resistant, it will need fewer repairs over its lifetime. Any modifications are easy to do, and sheets of material are available to purchase. You just have to cut them to shape and apply them to the modified area of the roof.

Protection from heat – Because it has extra coats, this type of roof becomes fire resistant. Moreover, it will not melt from the sun, and it also reflects UV rays. This means that your home or business will be much cooler.

No noxious fumes – Unlike gravel and tar roofs, there is almost no odor coming from the torch on the roof when it is being applied. Tar roofs often require people to stay away because of the fumes. With torch on roofs, this is not the case.

Low maintenance – Because it doesn’t need so much maintenance over its long life and because it is waterproof, torch on roofs become the ideal choice for flat roofs. And if you hire a team of professionals for the installation, you can be sure there will be no leaks in the final work.

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