Wedding Photography

Hi All, A few of my friends have asked me to do there wedding photos, I have regretfully turned down a few because of nerves etc (i don’t want to ruin the big day with bad photos). But there is one wedding coming up (in June) that I will be taking photos for. Photography has been a hobby of mine for a few years and I have been putting a few pictures on Flickr (URL below), which is where my friends saw my photos and got the idea to ask me. I am not a great photographer, I am self taught, as a result my confidence at the moment isn’t great. Alas the time that I will be meeting the couple before the wedding and discussing events etc is fast approaching. Does anyone have any advice for the big day? Or what kind of things I need to ask them, when I meet with them soon? I will be very grateful for any tips you have to share. Thanks Simon PS. My Flickr photos : Hi Eric, thanks for your reply, I do actually have wedding photography on Flickr, from a wedding a few years ago but they are set to private at present, I will alter that in a few minutes for the purpose of this thread. Simon. I was so glad to find this — wedding photography is THE most stressful aspect of photography. . You could make or ruin a couples special day by what you do and how you do it. . you have to make sure that you have everything you need: 2x camera bodies 3+x lenses 2x flashguns tripod 5+x 4Gb memory cards (more small ones are better than 1 large one – if the card become unreadable, you have others to work with) you need to plan where you are going to shoot from – scope out the venues. . Speak to the organisers at the venues for information about flashes, etc. . Make sure your camera can cope with low light (especially in churches) everything should be planned out weeks in advance. . Alternative photography options if the weather is too bad for outside shots. . if possible, work with someone else – then you can have one person shooting the bride on her way to the event and another shooting the groom. . look at the work of other wedding photographers – like Crash Taylor. . Get ideas. . Don’t try to be over creative. . That comes with experience. . use the internet to help you in everything to do with wedding photography. . Get books. . E-books. . Everything you can. .

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Photography Boudoir

Hi does anyone know of any female photographers who do boudoir shoots? Preferably with hair and make-up included Thanks Newcastle/Durham/Leeds area is best. I was so glad to find this — Check the Professional Photographers Association website for their find a photographer link and also check the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International site for the same thing. Once you check out the websites for studios in your area, look for someone that shoots a style you like and then start making phone calls to find someone you feel comfortable with. Boudoir photography is such a personal style, you must feel totally comfortable to get the results you will like. You can also do a google/Yahoo search for boudoir photography and find a lot of studios and then narrow that down to your area.

Damien Lovegrove comes to jpeg2RAW from England at 1am to discuss Boudoir Photography. Damien is a master of light and it shows in his very classy and sexy b. . .

Photography Classes Atlanta

I tried searching but I guess I am just getting confused. Everything is coming up Digital 101 and things of that nature. . If anyone knows of any good FILM photography courses I can take in Atlanta please let me know. What I found out was – Try your local community college, or parks and rec department. They both offer various photo courses out here. IF those dont work, go to the source. Contact a few pro photogs, tell them your interested in film (the old guys will love to hear that, hehe, (joking, everyone, hehe) ) and ask their opinion in local schools.

Tasha AtkinsEducationPhotography Classes Atlanta Special Tricks2013-12-07T17:35:01. 000Z2014-04-06T22:02:03. 000ZPhotography Classes NYCPhotography Classes NYC; Watch Full Video on this link: to boost your photography career from the Basics to Professional. . . .

Local Photographers

FI and I are in the process of looking for photographers and we’ve narrowed it down to2. One is located locally, in San Francisco (we live 45 minutes away in San Jose) and one is located all the way down in Los Angeles. They’re both about the same price, but I like the LA one slightly better. If any of you have had experience with out-of-town photographers, please share. Generally, is it better to go with a local one, so you can communicate and meet with them as needed? Is it hard to coordinate things with out-of-town photographers. From what I can tell… We live out of the country but married in CA so I only spoke to the photographer on the phone– never met him before the wedding day. He was local though, and had shot weddings at our location before. Of course we connected on the phone, and I liked his examples on the website. We werent on a budget though, so we had the privilege of choosing by quality. I guess what I’m saying is, if you are paying for quality, then go with the photographer you like more. If they are really professional, you will not need to walk them through and check up on what they are doing. If you need to communicate and coordinate that much, then maybe they are not the right photographer for you. We paid a lot for our photographer, but it was worth it to just leave everything up to him and let him do his job– and he did. We were very satisfied with the pics.

Photography Lessons Online

Does anyone know of a place in Jeddah where photography lessons are available for females? Thanks. I was happy to learn… I understand Saudi is very restrictive of women. If it’s not too far, you’d probably have better luck taking the bridge across to Bahrain. Of course, there, a woman interested in photography might find herself in some very compromising establishments. Make sure your instructor is legit, and has nothing to do with the hotels by the US military base. You might look around for the caucasian english-speaking painter guy in the big mall, he’d probably know some respectable places.

Think about some of the great portrait photos you’ve seen before. Maybe it’s Steve McCurry’s famous ‘Afghan Girl’ on the cover of National Geographic? John L. . .