The Best Advice for Home Mortgage Renewal

For most Canadians, the biggest monthly expense is their mortgage payment. But, according to economic analysts, more the 30% of homeowners renew their Kelowna mortgages automatically when the term is up, without trying to find a better deal. Here are some tips that will help you lower your payments when it’s time for a home mortgage renewal in Kelowna.


Do your homework

You need to find out what other lenders are offering before you negotiate a lower rate with your bank. Many websites post the current rates from all the banks. These current rates can vary widely, so you need to pay attention to this. i.e. Scotiabank’s rate for a 5 year closed-term fixed rate mortgage is 5.29%, while for other banks like ING Direct the rate is 3.59%.

Get at it early

You need to start shopping around for a better mortgage rate 4-6 months before your existing mortgage is up for renewal. This is when lenders guarantee a discount rate. If rates rise (your current bank’s rate), you have your guaranteed rate to fall back on. On the other hand, if they drop, you can simply renegotiate a lower rate.

Say no to the bank’s posted rate

This can be compared with “you handing your wallet over to your lender”. If you are sure that your current lender has the finest mortgage features and policies, ask the bank to match a competitor’s lower rate. You need to come out and just ask for a better rate, if not you will not get one. Banks are willing to lower your rate also if you transfer over other account or investments.

Negotiate other available options

You need to stay open and not fixate just on the interest rate. The rate type (variable or fixed), the amortization period, and the flexibility of payment schedule are crucial for lowering your monthly costs.

Broker a deal

There are some that don’t like to negotiate with their lender. What is the worst is that they don’t even think of changing to another lender, even though they could find a better one. Moreover, there is no penalty if you want to switch at renewal time. As statistics done by the Bank of Canada show, people who get the help from a broker pay less than people who don’t. In general, you can save around $2000 of interest on a $210,000 mortgage over five years.

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