Why Buy an Acreage

Living in a big town has a lot of benefits especially for young people in the prime years of their careers because of the conveniences and comforts that it offers. However, rural areas also have their positive aspects such as fresh air and tranquility which Trusted Real Estate is committed to ensuring that its clients get to enjoy by acquiring the best of Okotoks acreages for sale.

Okotoks Trusted Real Estate - Homes for SaleBuying acreage can be driven by various factors. One of the reasons a person might want to buy land in the rural area is the desire to build a home and live away from the city and live in a quiet environment as mentioned earlier. They might also be looking to buy land and use it to generate income through ventures such as fish farms, horse-rearing, or renting it out to wedding couples to use a venue for their big day among others.

Okotoks is near the largest city in the province of Calgary, Alberta by the 2011 Canadian census. The area prides itself on being a culturally diverse place. There are plenty of fun historical sites for you to see and enjoy. It has a really alive and a thriving economy that is well poised to keep on improving in the future. Finally, Okotoks is an awesome location inhabited by some of the most-friendly and hospitable folks in all of the Canada.

If you are scouting for Okotoks acreage for sale, there are various factors that you have to consider which you would not have worried about if you were buying a property in an urban area. These include

Environmental and Municipal Reserves

By law, one is expected to create an environmental reserve space or allowance. The reserves are meant to serve the purposes of protecting the land from flooding, erosion and the general degradation of the land.

Municipal Bylaws

Land owners and developers are reminded to adhere and stick to the existing bylaws put in place to avoid facing legal actions taken against them. For instance, there are laws governing the setting up of transportation networks and the laws surrounding the health, safety, and welfare of others.

Zoning Regulations

The area has some clear-cut zones which dictate the permitted use of the land you acquire. Some areas are designated by the municipal council to be only for agricultural purposes while others are meant for commercial purposes.


Prospective landowners are reminded to always have a permit before commencing any development projects in this area.

But then again, you could spare yourself the pain of having to check on the above-mentioned considerations by simply partnering up with reputable realtors. Realtors from Trusted Real Estate will make the entire process easy by making sure you get the best locations to settle in and or develop in this picturesque town.

Check them out for a comprehensive listing of luxury homes ranging from a modest of under $100K to places going for $1,000,000.

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